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LipSatin Lipstick Super Fierce - Inglot Cosmetics

LipSatin Lipstick Super Fierce

price: $50.00 tax excl.

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1.8 g/0.06 US OZ

Show your positivity with LipSatin Lipstick in Super Fierce and enjoy its satin-velvet finish. The silky, soft and creamy formula gives the effect of fuller looking and well-defined lips.

Super Powers:

  • Smooth and strong coverage
  • High pigmentation
  • Smooths, moisturizes and visually improves lips flexibility
  • Gives the feeling of nourished and regenerated lips
  • Contains vitamin E, cherry seed, argan, apricot seed and coconut oils

The day is saved thanks to PRO TIPS & TRICKS:

  • Before applying lipstick, use a HoldOn Lip Primer to soften the lips and prolong your makeup
  • To precisely contour your lips  use a lipliner in the same shade as your lipstick
  • Achieve a perfect contour using brushes 12S or 43S
  • To achieve the effect of volumized lips use two shades of lipsticks.Apply the darker shade on the major part of the lips and brighter only in the middle
  • Go bold and apply contrasting shades, one on the upper lip and the other on the bottom
  • To add a subtle touch of color on your lips, apply the lipstick with your fingertips

"Let's go save the day!"

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LipSatin Lipstick Super Fierce

LipSatin Lipstick Super Fierce

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